Premiere von The Wrestler

Wir berichteten euch über den Film The Wrestler , dieser hatte gestern in Venice Premiere. Auf berichtet Pierpaolo Festa. Er sagte, dass es ein guter Film wäre. Über den Song sagte er folgendes:

„Der Song, beim Abspann ist ein Akustik Aufnahme. Es beginnt mit einer Einzählung– ‚one, two three…‘ — und Bruce’s Fuß stampft auf dem Boden(„beating the ground“). Er spielt Gitarre, aber du hörst das Piano zur selben Zeit. Viele Male singt er „have you seen me,“ im Zusammenhang mit dem Charakter von Robinson, der sich neben dem Ring wie ein Außenseiter füllt. Deutlich, viele Aspekte seines Charakters scheinen aus dem „Bruceland“ zu kommen. ….. „Hinter mir war John Landis, ein Mitglied der Jury… er war berührt von dem Film, und als er den Song hörte, weinte er! Ich schwöre!…“

Auf der Presseconference fragte Pierpaolo Festa, wie der Regisseur auf Bruce zuging und ihm den Film zeigte. Er antwortete, dass er es nicht gebraucht hat, da Bruce und Mickey, seit sie sich im Stone Pony in den 80ern getroffen haben, Freunde wären.

Hier der dazugehörige Auszug aus der Presseconference:


Aronofsky: Bruce is a huge fan of Mickey’s. He’s seen every movie of his and, like a lot of people, he was hoping for him to get back on track, go back to making movies. So he was following him, he wanted to know about his projects and so on. Bruce heard about the movie so he called [Mickey] and asked him how he was doing. Mickey gave him the script; Bruce read it and said he loved it. Nothing more. The song came out next. He wrote it while he was on tour in Europe. One day he called me — Mickey gave him my number — complimented me on the movie and added that he wrote a song for the character. The song came while we were almost done editing. The first time I met him with Mickey, I was just shaking — I knew why they call him „The Boss“! He really is.

Rourke: „I’ve known Bruce for a long time now, since the 80’s, I think. I hear from him a lot, he supports everything I do, especially now I’m on the road to recovery. Sometimes he calls me to [find out] about my projects, what I’m working on and things like that… I called him when one of his friends [Danny Federici] passed away, he had played with him for 40 years, they were like brothers. I called him as soon as I knew, to see how he was doing. I was a little embarassed and didn’t know what to say… but even in such a situation he was great. He was trying to make it through. Then I heard from him this summer when he said he had this song for me. Anyway, Bruce is a great person, one of the best I ever met, and I feel honored to be his friend.

Aronofsky: Me and Mickey are really honored to have one of his songs in our movie. We are deeply moved.