German Tramps auf Facebook

Ihr findet German Tramps nun auch auf Facebook:

Bruce Springsteen: German Tramps

Help us support the Danny Fund / Melanoma Research Alliance

Unterstützt bitte den Danny Fund, der den Kampf gegen Hautkrebs aufnimmt. Pepsi vergibt Gelder. Mit dem Klick auf folgenden Link könnt ihr mitmachen:



Hey Everyone,

Stevie Van Zandt here — Help us support the Danny Fund / Melanoma Research Alliance in their efforts to win a quarter of a million dollars from the Refresh Project. All you need to do is go to and cast your vote now, and again EVERY DAY for the month of May. Every vote counts and can help save lives from melanoma by teaching people how to protect themselves from getting it, and fund high-impact research for a cure.†

To learn more about MRA, visit

Please vote often and consider forwarding this message to everyone you know. It takes about 15 seconds to register and cast a vote.

Thanks for your consideration and your time.

All the very best,
Stevie Van Zandt