Max über Full Band Nebraska Album, Tracks 2, Darkness und Tour.

Hier “Interview mit Max: Rolling Stone Magazin” findet ihr ein sehr interessantes Interview von Max (auch als Video).

Es existiert die Full-Band-Nebraska Album, dies bestätigt Max:  „The E Street Band actually did record all of Nebraska and it was killing … It was all very hard-edged. As great as it was, it wasn’t what Bruce wanted to release. There is a full band Nebraska album, all of those songs are in the can somewhere.“.

Auch über eine Release der Darkness Box spricht Max:  „I don’t really exactly know what the stage of thinking is relating to that project seeing the light of day, … But it would certainly be a wonderful thing to come out. A lot it was captured on film. There was always a guy in the studio with a little hand-held camera. If that does make the light of day, it would be something I would heartily endorse.“

Über eine Tracks 2- Veröffentlichung, sagt Max:  „For Born in the U.S.A. there were 65 or 70 songs recorded, …There was a song, I’m not even sure what the title ended up to be, but in rehearsal it was called ‚White Lies.‘ I hope that makes the light of day.“

Des Weiteren schließt er eine weitere Tour mit der E Street Band nicht aus !