Bruce Springsteen Winterland 15th December 1978 (3cd-Set) Box-Set

Nachdem das Label Soulfood bereits Live at the Capitol Theater Passaic Nj,Sept.19th in schöner Aufmachung veröffentlichte, erscheint nun eines der besten Konzerte !

Winterland 15th December 1978  ist ein 3 CD Set und erscheint am 26. September.  Während das Management lieber  einen Erwachsenencomic Outlaw Pete  bewirbt, erscheinen immer noch nicht die versprochenen „Classic“ Konzerte.

Das 3CDSet kann hier bestellt werden: Winterland 15th December 1978 (3cd-Set). Ein Muß für Jeden der das Konzert nicht hat !



• Classic live KSAN-FM broadcast from 15 December 1978•

Includes the entire broadcast

• Background liners

“Tonight you’re gonna hear the concert of your life” and Norm Winer of KSAN-FM was not wrong.

On 15th December 1978, Bruce Springsteen delivered one of his truly seminal performances, one that combined the growing success of his repertoire with his reputation as a live performer. Springsteen’s two nights at Bill Graham’s Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco have become legendary both in Springsteen’s own career and in rock concert history overall.

This debut performance boasts an energy and magic that few other artist’s have been able to achieve in their careers, as the man says: “I’m just a prisoner of Rock and Roll, do we understand each other?” Echoes complete KSAN-FM broadcast satisfies every fan’s desire and inspires further critical applause for the man they call „The Boss“.

Disc One:

1. Badlands
2. Streets Of Fire
3. Spirit In The Night
4. Darkness On The Edge Of Town Factory
5. The Promised Land
6. Prove It All Night
7. Racing In The Streets
8. Thunder Road
9. Jungleland


Disc Two:

1. Backstreets
2. The Ties That Bind
3. Santa Story
4. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

5. The Fever
6. Fire
7. Candy’s Room
8. Because The Night
9. Point Blank
10. Mona / Preacher’s Daughter

11. She’s The One


Disc Three:

1. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)

2. Born to Run
3. Detroit Medley
4. 10th Avenue Freeze-Out

5. Raise Your Hand

6. Quarter to Three

Neue Veröffentlichung von Bruce Springsteen: Outlaw Pete

Heute erster Urlaubstag ……. und ich warte auf eine Pressemeldung zum neuen Album oder „The River“ Box oder zur kommende Tour. Hole einiges an verpassten Nachrichten nach. Beispielweise das erscheinen von Live at the Capitol Theater Passaic Nj,Sept.19th. Aber Pustekuchen kein neues Album. Es erscheint ein Kinderbuch bzw. Comic (52 Seiten) basierend auf  Outlaw Pete .  Hier kann Outlaw Pete vorbestellt werden: Outlaw Pete als Buch und hier: Outlaw Pete als E Book . Gelifert wird Anfang November.

Ich hätte mit allem gerechnet aber doch nicht  Outlaw Pete als Buch 🙂 .

  • Gebundene Ausgabe: 56 Seiten
  • Verlag: Simon & Schuster (4. November 2014)
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • ISBN-10: 1501103857
  • ISBN-13: 978-1501103858
  • Größe und/oder Gewicht: 29,2 x 24,8 x 1 cm

Dave Marsh schreibt hierzu :

When Bruce Springsteen was a little boy, he learned the story of Brave Cowboy Bill, about a pure-hearted little cowboy. It was the first of Bruce’s Western loves, which now range from John Ford movies to Mexican music to Native American art. Each of these inspirations, plus what he’s learned as a man and a rock ’n’ roller about how to combine whimsy and wisdom, were stations on the way to Outlaw Pete, a modern legend of a criminal who starts out in diapers and confronts the roughest edges of adulthood. It’s one of the most ambitious and original story songs Springsteen has written—rhapsodic and harsh, a meditation on destiny, filled with absurdities but not for one second of its eight minutes exactly a joke. It’s an elaborate musical drama, weaving into a single tapestry several styles of rock and an orchestration reminiscent of a Morricone soundtrack. Outlaw Pete is an adult book, illustrated by Frank Caruso, who drew and painted its pages. Caruso does more than illustrate the song. His approach, immaculately detailed, simple when it needs to be, parallels Springsteen’s blend of absurdity and meditation. The questions about destiny remain unanswered, as they must be, but they’re also brought into a different kind of focus. Details that pass by almost unnoticed in the lyrics become central. Reading and listening have rarely so superbly complemented each other. The result becomes the most intense kind of artistic collaboration, a vision shared. But I’m not trying to start anything, so buy it, don’t steal it, OK? —Dave Marsh

Pressemitteilunng auf

Simon & Schuster announced today a major new book coming November 4, 2014: Outlaw Pete by Bruce Springsteen and Frank Caruso, based on the celebrated song about a bank-robbing baby whose exploits become a meditation on sin, fate, and free will.

Both the song (from Springsteen’s 2009 Working on a Dream album) and the new bookOutlaw Pete were inspired by a children’s book, Brave Cowboy Bill (Simon & Schuster, 1950), which Bruce Springsteen’s mother used to read to him as a child. “Outlaw Pete is essentially the story of a man trying to outlive and outrun his sins,” Springsteen writes.

Frank Caruso, a cartoonist and writer, conceived of making the song into a book and created the illustrations to accompany Springsteen’s lyrics. “When Bruce wrote ‘Outlaw Pete’ he didn’t just write a great song, he created a great character,” Caruso said. “The first time I heard the song this book played out in my head. Like Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, Dorothy Gale and for me, even Popeye, Outlaw Pete cuts deep into the folklore of our country and weaves its way into the fabric of great American literary characters. “