Kurz-Review American Madness und Info: Calender 2014

American Madness

American madness : Bruce Springsteen y la creación de Darkness on the Edge of Town ist ein spanisches Buch über Bruce Springsteen`s Meisterwerk Darkness on the edge of Town. 192 Seiten und sehr viele schöne Bilder.
Bisher her war das Buch nur über Spanien für 51,50 € bestellbar (30 € plus 21,50 € an Versand). Mittlerweile listet es Amazon für 42 € und hier habe ich mir es vor ein paar Tagen bestellt. Das Buch enthält gefaltetes Poster des 1978 Passaic Konzertplakates (Nachprint).
Eines der absoluten Highlights ist folgende Doppelseite:


Genau von diesen Bildern hätte ich mir mehr gewünscht.  Das Buch beinhaltet viel Text, ist nur auf spanisch und aus diesem Grund kann ich nur eine Empfehlung aussprechen für Tramps die spanischen können oder Sammler.

Abmessung des Buches: 25,6 x 21,8 x 2 cm. Hardcover.

Link zu Amazon: American madness : Bruce Springsteen y la creación de Darkness on the Edge of Town


Info Calender 2014:

Amazon listet zweimal den Calender zu unterschiedlichen Preise, siehe hier: Brunce Springsteen Calender 2014, dabei sind „nur“ die Abmessungen unterschiedlich !

Bruce Springsteen und E Street Band: Setlist: 07.06.2012 Milan, Italien

Die längste Setlist der Tour ! Die Show dauerte ca. 3:32 Std. . Das Highlight war „The Promise“ Solo am Piano.

Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr !
Start: 20:38 mit Sergio Leone Theme

1. We Take Care Of Our Own
2. Wrecking Ball
3. Badlands
4. Death To My Hometown
5. My City Of Ruins
6. Spirit In The Night
7. The E Street Shuffle
8. Jack Of All Trades
9. Candy’s Room
10. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
11. Johnny 99
12. Out In The Street
13. No surrender
14. Working on the highway
15. Shackled and Drawn
16. Waiting on a Sunny Day
17. The Promised Land
18. The Promise (solo piano)
19. The River
20. The Rising
21. Radio Nowhere
22. We Are Alive
23. Land Of Hope And Dreams
24. Rocky Ground
25. Born In The USA
26. Born To Run
27. Cadillac Ranch
28. Hungry Heart
29. Bobby Jean
30. Dancing In The Dark
31. 10th Avenue Freeze Out
32. Glory Days
33. Twist and Shout

Streets of Fire: Bruce Springsteen in Photographs and Lyrics 1977-1979

Eric Meola veröffentlicht am 25. September 2012 ein neues Buch. Sein letztes Buch „Born to Run: The Unseen Photos“ dürfte in jeder Bruce Springsteen Sammlung vorhanden sein. „Streets of Fire: Bruce Springsteen in Photographs and Lyrics 1977-1979“ setzt sich mit den Jahren 1977-1979 auseinander, also mit den Foto Sessions zu  „Darkness On The Edge Of Town“-Zeiten. Die Tour ging damals  bis 1979. Das Buch hat 128 Seiten (Größe: 25,4 x 25,4 x 1,6 cm ).

Das Buch erscheint in zwei Versionen. Einfach Links folgen für die aktuellen Preise:
Streets of Fire Limited Edition: Bruce Springsteen in Photographs and Lyrics 1977-1979 (anklicken)
Streets of Fire: Bruce Springsteen in Photographs and Lyrics 1977-1979 (anklicken)


Product Description

On a day like this, I remember – I’m the President, but he’s The Boss. President Obama, commenting on Bruce Springsteen, Kennedy Center awards ceremony, 2009. Before Bruce Springsteen became The Boss, he was just a kid musician from New Jersey, playing at the City’s local stomping grounds and hawking tickets to his shows at $5.50 a pop. Photographer Eric Meola saw The Boss‘ potential, having witnessed a glimmer of it at a 1973 show at Max’s Kansas City and later in 1975, after spending a day behind the lens, snapping photos of the young songwriter as they drove up and down Jersey’s legendary Highway 9. Meola „got“ Springsteen so well that one of his shots – the image of Springsteen leaning on Clarence Clemons‘ shoulder – would become the cover of the „Born to Run“ album. Meola’s photo shoot with The Boss in 1977 was different. By that time, Springsteen was more firmly coming into his own, having won some critical acclaim and a legion of dedicated fans. Springsteen arrived at Meola’s New York City studio carrying a small paper bag with a change of clothes. His beard was gone; this was clearly a new stage in his life, a departure from „Born to Run“. Over the days that followed, Meola took several photographs of Springsteen, his lens adjusting to the new persona-Springsteen, the rock star-that emerged from the darkness. „Streets of Darkness“ is a carefully curated collection of Meola’s photographs – some of which have never been published before – from those 1977 photo shoots. They span an afternoon spent in Holmdel at Telegraph Hill Road, drives on Highway 9, afternoons spent in Meola’s studio, and days goofing around playing softball with the rest of the E Street Kings – intimate portraits that provide a window in the early days and life of one of the world’s most legendary performers. Deluxe in size, this book is more than a must-have item for Springsteen fans; it is a work of art just as memorable and moving as the album „Darkness on the Edge of Town“. Complete with an introduction from Meola, an insightful essay that puts the photo shoot into historical context, and running lyrics to several of Springsteen’s songs, this collectible volume shows Springsteen as he was – an artist at the crossroads of his fledgling career, writing about dark themes and finding redemption through his own words and image.

About the Author

Eric Meola is an accomplished photographer, whose subjects have included everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Haitian children. His works has been featured in several galleries, including the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., and in Munich’s Museum of Modern Art. He lives in Syracuse, New York. Bruce Springsteen’s recording career spans more than thirty years. By 1975, Time and Newsweek declared Springsteen a national phenomenon. He has released twenty-four albums, garnered nineteen Grammy Awards, won an Oscar, and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Does this bus stop in L.A. ? – Setliste vom 27.04.2012, Sports Arena, Los Angeles

Bruce kam mit seiner Familie eine Stunde vor Konzertbeginn auf die Bühne und spielt nur mit Gitarre „For You“.

Könnte natürlich sein, dass dies ein Tribute für seine Tante Dora Kirby war, die am Mittwoch (25. April 2012) im Alter von 92 in Freehold, NJ gestorben ist.

Die Show bekann eine Stunde später mit der Tourpremiere von NO SURRENDER. Tom Morello war wieder dabei. Und in den Zugaben gab es BOBBY JEAN als Tourpremiere.


0. For You (acoustic) mit seiner Familie
2. We Take Care Of Our Own
3. Wrecking Ball
4. Badlands
5. Death To My Hometown (w/ Tom Morello)
6. My City Of Ruins
7. Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street?
8. Jack Of All Trades (w/ Tom Morello)
9. Youngstown
10. Prove It All Night
11. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
12. Easy Money
13. Waitin‘ On A Sunny Day
14. Apollo Medley
15. Racing In The Street
16. The Rising
17. Lonesome Day
18. We Are Alive
19. The Ghost Of Tom Joad (w/ Tom Morello)
20. Land Of Hope And Dreams

21. Rocky Ground
23. Born To Run
24. Dancing In The Dark
25. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (w/ Tom Morello)