Bruce Springsteen’s MusiCares Tribute Video am 25.03.2014; Neue EP am 19.04.2014

Im Moment ist das Management von Bruce nicht mehr zu stoppen. Nachdem man nun „Itunes remastered“ bei I Tunes einige Alben veröffentlicht. Erscheint endlich das MusicCares Tribute to Bruce Springsteen auf DVD / Blu Ray. Hoffen wir nur dass in naher Zukunft trotzdem eine Konzertaufnahme den Weg auf DVD / Blu Ray findet.

Des Weiteren erscheint ein weiteres Highlight zum  Record Store Day 2014 in Form einer 12er Vinyl mit 4 unveröffentlichten Springsteen Songs aus der „High Hopes“ Session. Laut Ron Aniello sind die Songs “Hey Blue Eyes”, “American Beauty” und “Mary Mary” besser als Songs die den Weg aufs Album gefunden haben. Nur der erwähnte Song „Cold Spot“ fehlt noch. ( wir berichteten:  Inside High Hopes plus Ron Aniello über die Arbeit mit Bruce, Songs in der Fernsehserie “Good Wife”, erste Reviews. ) Unbekannt ist, ob die 12er Vinyl auch in Deutschland bzw. Europa erhältlich sein wird.

Wir werden euch sobald „vorbestellbar“ davon berichten.

A MusiCares Tribute To Bruce Springsteen’ Tracklist

  • 1. “Adam Raised a Cain” Performed by Alabama Shakes
  • 2. “Because the Night” Performed by Patti Smith
  • 3. “Atlantic City” Performed by Natalie Maines, Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite
  • 4. “American Land” Performed by Ken Casey
  • 5. “My City of Ruins” Performed by Mavis Staples and Zac Brown
  • 6. “I’m On Fire” Performed by Mumford and Sons
  • 7. “American Skin (41 Shots)” Performed by Jackson Browne and Tom Morello
  • 8. “My Hometown” Performed by Emmylou Harris
  • 9. “One Step Up” Performed by Kenny Chesney
  • 10. “Streets of Philadelphia” Performed by Elton John
  • 11. “Hungry Heart” Performed by Juanes
  • 12. “Tougher Than the Rest” Performed by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
  • 13. “The Ghost of Tom Joad” Performed by Jim James and Tom Morello
  • 14. “Dancing in the Dark” Performed by John Legend
  • 15. “Lonesome Day” Performed by Sting
  • 16. “Born in the USA” Performed by Neil Young with Crazy Horse
  • 17. “We Take Care of Our Own” Performed by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
  • 18. “Death to My Hometown” Performed by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
  • 19. “Thunder Road” Performed by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
  • 20. “Born to Run” Performed by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
  • 21. “Glory Days” Performed by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band & cast ensemble

‘American Beauty’ Tracklist

  • 1. “American Beauty”
  • 2. “Mary Mary”
  • 3. “Hurry Up Sundown”
  • 4. “Hey Blue Eyes”

Pressemitteilung und Video

Bruce veröffentlichte nun die Pressemitteilung und ein Video mit Lyrics.

Auch wird in der Pressemitteilung auf ein „Konzeptalbum“ hingewiesen.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN TO RELEASE NEW STUDIO ALBUM ‚WRECKING BALL‘ ON MARCH 6; EUROPEAN DATES AND SXSW KEYNOTE SPEECH CONFIRMED Bruce Springsteen’s new album ‚Wrecking Ball‘ has been set for March 6 release on Columbia Records. Marking his 17th studio album, ‚Wrecking Ball‘ features 11 new Springsteen songs and was produced by Ron Aniello with Bruce Springsteen and executive producer Jon Landau. A special edition of ‚Wrecking Ball‘ will also be available and include two bonus tracks and exclusive artwork and photography.
‚Wrecking Ball‘ Song Titles:

  1. We Take Care of Our Own
  2. Easy Money
  3. Shackled and Drawn
  4. Jack of All Trades
  5. Death to My Hometown
  6. This Depression
  7. Wrecking Ball
  8. You’ve Got It
  9. Rocky Ground
  10. Land of Hope and Dreams
  11. We Are Alive

Said long-time manager Jon Landau, „Bruce has dug down as deep as he can to come up with this vision of modern life. The lyrics tell a story you can’t hear anywhere else and the music is his most innovative in recent years. The writing is some of the best of his career and both veteran fans and those who are new to Bruce will find much to love on ‚Wrecking Ball.'“
Bruce Springsteen will make an appearance as the keynote speaker at SXSW 2012. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will be touring extensively in the US and Europe in 2012.  ‚Wrecking Ball‘ is available for pre-order now on Amazon and iTunes.
„We Take Care of Our Own“ is available now as a digital single and can be previewed here