Bruce, Nils und Little Steven in Köln 2012

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  1. Bruce was fantastic.
    But In and around the stadium it was a mess. Again.
    This time there was a big problem with the front of stage tickets. In my option is there only one front of stage, and that is the first, closed place in front of stage. Not the second and more. If you see it this way. Everything is,- front of stage-. And that is not what you expect when you have FOS. I was angry.
    And sad. This time understand. And asks. Me and everybody who feels misled, and disappointed to write to Dirk Becker Entertainment GmbH, Schanzenstrasse 37, 51063 Köln. With a copy of your ticket. And why you want a money back deal. They need to learn that they must be more careful with what they promis. For some of us it is a big thing. Bigger than the money.
    I say deal because , if you do not want the money, donate it to Danny Fund | 1101 New York Avenue, NW, Suite 620, Washington, DC

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